VRPorn.com Reports: The Pornstar Audition Is Alive and Well

By | November 17, 2017


November 16, 2017

VRPorn.com Reports: The Pornstar Audition Is Alive and Well

Feature Addresses the Place for the Casting Couch in 2017

VENICE, CA – The casting couch has received a lot of bad press lately, but in Porn Valley it will never disappear – everyone loves it! The casting couch is in the porno setup hall of fame, along with the pizza guy, pool boy, tutor, teacher, hitchhiker, nurse, masseuse, handyman, babysitter and the cheerleader. These are load-bearing set-ups, if you remove even one of them the industry will implode.

Perhaps sensing the danger of sustained vehement attacks on the casting couch, the site reminds us that the casting couch can still be fun and enjoyed by all. And it’s damn hot when done right. And with virtual reality, doing it right looks better than it ever has.

Despite the title, “VR Porn Short Reviews: The Pornstar Audition” is a thorough investigation into the casting couch, with VRBangers as an example. The company has footage of Slovakian beauty Patty Michova in a real casting couch situation. She is struggling to get by and would like to work more and get paid more, and she is willing to do “Whatever It Takes.”

Early in the article, VRPorn.com addresses the audition and whether if it still has a place in pornography in 2017.

“Does it make sense that Patty Michova shows up at a porn audition and strips in front of the camera to show what she can do?” they write in the article. “Absolutely, it’s an industry of glorified nakedness and being able to feel comfortable while being filmed in a sexual situation is perhaps much more important than having the good looks. There are plenty of young ladies who think they have it all figured out just because they possess the kind of bodies that turn a dozen of heads even when they take a walk to the grocery store, yet their ability to project passion and emotion on camera is lackluster.”

That settled, we get back to the girl. Eastern Europe seems to be a virtual factory of beautiful women and Patty is right up there but with bigger tits. They’re humongous.

“’Whatever It Takes’ is one of the best solo striptease and masturbation scenes in the genre, and really deserves a shot,” they write. “If not for the ability to become a porn recruiter, then for the experience of watching a gorgeous sex goddess like Patty Michova really show off her self-pleasuring and arousing skills. So is Patty really slutty, or does she just want the job really slutty? There’s a certain degree of truth in both statements, and I challenge you to see it for yourselves!”

Read “VR Porn Short Reviews: The Pornstar Audition” at https://vrporn.com/vr-porn-short-reviews-the-pornstar-audition/.

And there is no better – or more popular – place to seek it out than VRPorn.com, the most-visited virtual reality site in the world.

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