VRPorn.com Explores the Phenomenon of the Big-Tittied Latina

By | December 7, 2017


December 7, 2017

VRPorn.com Explores the Phenomenon of the Big-Tittied Latina

Put on the Sombrero, Pa, We’re Goin’ Lookin’ at unos Pechos!

VENICE, CA – The old joke for gringos south of the border is that they know two words, “cerveza” and “baño.” It’s time to stop joking around and learn a couple more words. As an educated people, it is expected that we arrive with some manners and enough of the local language to at least get from the airport to the hotel to the bar. So start with avion (plane), taxi (taxi) and hotel (hotel). See, it’s easy!

Oh, and according to VRPorn.com, there are a couple more words you might want to add to your vocab: tetas grandes. Las lolas grandes. Las chichis grandes. And if you pick the right combo you just might have your muchacha saying Metemelo! instead of the usual Pendejo!

VRPorn.com posted a new feature article this week titled “The Extraordinary League of Busty Latinas,” and that is exactly what you get – in virtual reality!

They look at Sheila Ortega and Kesha Ortega, a sister act from Venezuela who appears in Dangerous Curves (VirtualRealPorn). Survey says: Trust me, if you like busty Latinas, you won’t have much better than these two sisters!

The problem with threesomes is often that someone feels left out, and if Sheila felt she wasn’t getting her share of love in Dangerous Curves, she may be right, because it’s her sister who got selected to do Latina Ass Shake. And that sister can shake! Survey says: If you liked Kesha, then you should check out her other scenes. They are all as hot as fuck but if I had to pick out just one of them, I’d probably choose Latina Ass Shake.

Alba de Silva is from the other side of the world, Spain, birthplace of los conquistadores. The example they give of Alba is from Vampirella An XXX Parody. What say the survey? In this scene, Alba seems to be more cock crazy than bloodthirsty. Not that I’m complaining about this. Far from it!

Cristina Miller pulls up the rear, so to speak, The big-tittied Italian (yes, we are stretching the definition of Latina – just look at the titties and you’ll get over it) is represented by her Not Only Pasta scene, which, we’re told, showcases her many talents. Survey says: She’s determined to give you a good time in every possible way. And, trust me, she really does know how to do this.

Read the entire “The Extraordinary League of Busty Latinas” piece and watch the accompanying videos (and so much more!) at https://vrporn.com/the-extraordinary-league-of-busty-latinas/.

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